#644 Feature requests...


1) ESSENTIAL - ability to import/export data for more modules, such as Contacts, Calendar2, ToDo list, etc. An Outlook import/export function would be nice, but even if my by .CSV file (at first,) this is essential, esp. for first-time loading (I have thousands of contacts,

2) An online "spreadsheet" module similar to Google Docs. It doesn't have to be fancy (at first) - simply to allow collaborative sharing, viewing and updating of grid-type data online. (ex. I am currently using the "Inventory" module w/ custom fields to maintain lists of data, etc.) Think of it as a combination of Inventory and Files.

3) Ability to organize PartProg by Categories (ex. I have different acocunts for different types of business relations.)

4) When dropdown lists are used in Inventory, the fields automatically reset to the defaults when you go to edit an item. Add line of code so that when you edit an item, it keeps the currently selected option/ setting for that field. Otherwise they sometimes get overlooked...

5) An "alert/reminder" system for the Calendar2 + ToDo list (unless I am missing something already around) that sends E-MAILS to user at a specified time prior to deadline. A "sleep" function so that you can set the reminder to hit you again (when you blatently forget about the first one) would be nice...

6) Integrate an HTML chat so that users can collaborate in real-time.

7) PDF Export feature for "ToDo" lists + Calendar2 similar to the one in Contacts.

8) Perhaps a separate module for birthdays + special occasions w/ an E-MAIL REMINDER function.

9) Ability to delegate to more than one person.


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