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    I use MoreAmpN on MacOSX 10.3.9. I work as a guitar teacher and this player is perfect for that purpose.

    The only flaw I've dicovered so far is that MoreAmpN doesn't seem to present itself as a media player for OSX. When I try to open media files (mp3 for example) using the "open with..." command MoreAmpN doesn't appear as an alternative. It's easy to work around of course, so it's not a major problem. For me, it would be nice to be able to choose what type of files should open in MoreAmpN within the program.

    Thanks for a wonderful program!

    /Andreas Andersson - Sweden

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Congratulations to the developer of this Great software !

      I've used MoreAmp-0.1.22-binWin since last month and since then, I elected MoreAmp as "THE PLAYER" (and "GRABBER") for my audio system based on windows. I've discovered the superb quality of its 30 band equalizer and specially the "EqExtra" feature, that provides a smooth spatial sensation, when music grabbed is modified by this resources, then played into a good mp3 players with qualified phones. Really, any music sounds much 'MOREAMPED' !

      MoreAmp-0.1.22 is a Great software.
      Its has evolved to MoreAmp-0.1.23, yet more "MoreAmped", with plus features, such as "audio in" among others.
      But, MoreAmp-0.1.2x versions (where x > 3), with "de-clicker" and "de-cracker" noise filters effects built-in and particularly a impressive improvement of the "EqExtra" feature, towards a unique feel of the music audition, would it be a good idea ?
      Vynil records lovers (like me), would surely endorse this idea.
      To dream about a greater software, is relatively simple and inexpensive.
      Thanks for this great software, a real one and so gradly released by its author.

    • pmisteli

      pmisteli - 2006-03-01

      Thanks for reporting this problem.

      I put a simple patch for it on SourceForge:

      The README from the patch is appended below.

      Please report here how it works for you.

      Thanks again,


      Patch for MoreAmp-0.1.16 OSX (applies to both (the wx gui build) and (the Native gui build).

      Problem (from :

      ... MoreAmpN doesn't seem to present itself as a media player for OSX. When I try to open media files (mp3 for example) using the "open with..." command MoreAmpN doesn't appear as an alternative...

      The new Info.plist file included in this archive should fix this:

      1. Ctl-click or Right-click on the icon, select "Show Package Contents", and drop the new Info.plist file onto the "Contents" dir, replacing the existing Info.plist.

      After you've done this, "Get Info" on MoreAmpN should show Version 0.1.16b instead of the previous plain 0.1.16.

      1. Log out and back in, for the change to take effect on "Open with",

      OR, instead, from a Terminal, run this long command:

      /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -load -r -f MADIR

        where "MADIR" is the dir where is installed, e.g. "/Volumes/OSX/Applications".

      After this, you should get MoreAmpN in the "Open With" list for all the files that MoreAmp can play.


      A The new Info.plist file also replaces the one in the MoreAmp-0.1.16/mac dir in the src release.

      B. The file kinds affected are those with these extensions:
      .mp3 .ogg .wav .wave .aif .aiff .aifc .flac .fla .wma .aac .m2a .mp1 .mp2 .m4a .mp4 and .maf.

      These are all the files that MoreAmp recognizes.

      You can edit Info.plist so that MoreAmp does not appear in the "Open with" list for each of the file kinds listed above
      (remove the lines from '<dict>' to </dict> for each file kind you don't want).


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It works! Thanks!

      ...and I found a new one (i think). I tried a wma-file and I could'nt "jump" around in it. It could only be played from the start. It might be only that file though, it's the only one i have.


      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Thanks for bringing this up.

        Your wma file is ok, this is a MoreAmp problem.

        "Jump around in a file" is referred to as "seek" in the README, where it says "no seek" for aac and wma files.

        Seeking in aac files is disabled because only some aac file formats ("with ADTS") are seekable.

        Seeking in wma files is disabled because coding for it is not finished.

        Seeking in flac files fails on small intervals; this is fixed in the next release (0.1.17).

        The "Repeat" from "Begin" to "End" function uses seeking, so it also fails on wma and aac (m2a) files.

        For now, if you need to seek in a wma or aac file, you can convert it to a format that is seekable in MoreAmp, e.g. to wav or aif (no loss of quality but big file), or to flac (no loss of quality, smaller file, but still some seek problems), or to ogg, mp3, mp4 or m4a (possible loss of quality but smallest file).



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