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Mantle Business Artifacts Release 0.5.1

Mantle Business Artifacts 0.5.1 is a minor new feature and bug fix release.
This release is based on Moqui Framework 1.4.0.

The main new features in this release are ecommerce related including
product pricing rules, shipping charge calculation by rules, and tax
calculation by rules.

Posted by David E. Jones 2014-03-22

Moqui Framework Release 1.4.0

Moqui Framework 1.4.0 is a major new feature and bug fix release.

Significant new features include: incorporating the Metis Admin Template,
adding Twitter Bootstrap and updating jQuery/jQueryUI, added Bitronix
transaction manager and pluggable JTA implementation support, added JBoss
KIE and Drools with framework and component knowledge base support,
Markdown support, JSON-RPC improvements, data loading improvements to
support CSV files and calling services to load data, a Quartz Scheduler
history in the DB and a Quartz persistence implementation, and services to
clean Quartz history as well as Moqui artifact hit and hit bin histories.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2014-03-22

Moqui Framework 1.3.1 Now Available

Moqui Framework 1.3.1 is a minor new feature, bug fix, and performance
enhancement release. The focus for the framework has been stabilization and performance improvements as more applications are built on it and it is more widely used.

Posted by David E. Jones 2013-10-21

Moqui Framework 1.3.0 Now Available

Moqui Framework 1.3.0 is a major new feature and bug fix release. The major
new features include the EntityFacade Data Document, Data Feed, and Data
Search (based on ElasticSearch) features, the User Notification Message
feature, and various improvements to XML Screens and Forms. This release is
backward compatible with Moqui Framework release 1.2.0 with the exception
that the StatusValidChange entity is deprecated by the new
StatusFlowTransition entity.

Posted by David E. Jones 2013-07-28

Moqui Framework 1.2.0 Now Available

Moqui Framework release 1.2.0 is a minor new feature release and a major
quality improvement release. This release has undergone significantly more
testing than previous releases because of a wider variety of functionality
that has now been built and tested using the framework, and because of a
unit testing effort (framework unit tests built using Spock).

The new features include popup menus (using the new jQueryUI menu widget),
dynamic-options in XML Form drop-downs with dependency on other fields,
automatic optimization of queries on view-entities to old select member
entities necessary, support for UUID generated primary keys, expanded JCR
support and an Example Content screen, and a number of small improvements
that generally make the framework easier to use and more reliable.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2012-12-30

Moqui Framework 1.1.1 Now Available

The 1.1.1 release of Moqui Framework is primarily a bug fix release. While
a few issues have been fixed the most important one for those just trying
Moqui is the explicit sorting of files by name during data loading which
addresses an issue on Linux servers where the files in a directory listing
through the Java File API can come back in any order.

Minor new features include DB configured User Fields on entities, host name
based tenant selection, and an easier way to specify default themes.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2012-09-22

Moqui Framework 1.1.0 Now Available

Version 1.1.0 includes various bug fixes and library updates. It is also a minor new feature release with added functionality for anonymous authz, enhanced JSON and REST web service support, XML Form extension with database records (DbForm* entities) for all users or particular users, and an Apache Camel integration with Camel running embedded.

This version also replaces the only LGPL library (Restone XML-RPC) in Moqui Framework with an Apache licensed library (Apache XML-RPC). This makes Moqui compatible with licensing requirements for projects that are part of the Apache Software Foundation (including Apache OFBiz).

Posted by David E. Jones 2012-07-23

Moqui Framework 1.0.0 Now Available

The initial production-ready version of the Moqui Framework was released on 21 Nov 2011. This release includes various fixes and new features to facilitate easy use based on more extensive testing and real-world development using the framework.

More examples of different recommended and useful patterns now exist in Moqui Framework itself, and in add-on projects including Mantle, POP Commerce, and others.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-11-21

Moqui Release 1.0-rc1 Now Available

The first 1.0 release candidate of the Moqui Framework (version 1.0-rc1)
was released on 3 August 2011.

This release includes various small new features based on feedback and
actual use, including Apache Shiro for security (authc and authz), build
using Gradle which supports Maven repositories and with directory layout
changed to follow Maven conventions, the ability to run arbitrary SQL and
get the results back in an EntityListIterator, and the Data View tool that
allows users to build queries and data exports on the fly.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-08-04

Moqui Demo Site on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

There is now a demo site for Moqui Framework at:

This site is running on Amazon Web Service's Elastic Beanstalk service (as a war file in Tomcat 7) and uses the AWS RDS database (MySQL 5.5.12).

Deploying this demo site involved a couple of bug fixes for running on Apache Tomcat and on MySQL, and both are working well now.

Moqui also now includes some features to make it easier to create a war file with the runtime directory included, even if you just have the war file from the Moqui binary release and the new wartools.xml Ant build file. Just run "ant -f wartools.xml add-runtime" and a new war file will be created from the existing moqui-1.0.war file, your file, and your runtime directory.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-07-14

Release 1.0-beta1, Intro/Java/Schema Docs

Moqui Framework version 1.0-beta1 is now available. For release notes and to download see:

Also available as a download is the "Introduction to Moqui Framework" document that offers an overview the framework, the tools included, what they do, and how they are organized.

On the web site the Moqui Framework API JavaDocs and XML Schema generated docs are now available. For details see the links down the left side of:... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-04-03

Moqui Release 1.0-preview2 Now Available

With release 1.0-preview2 the Moqui Framework is now nearly complete and has sufficient functionality to build a wide variety of functional and useful enterprise, or less formal, applications. This release includes a functional example application with various screens demonstrating features of the framework and recommended practices and patterns to use when developing with Moqui.

While not feature-complete for the planned 1.0 feature set, the 1.0-preview2 release is ready for early adopters. For those interested, this is a great time to try out Moqui for a pet project or even a more formal project that is just getting started and won't be deployed in production for at least a few months.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-03-02

Moqui Release 1.0-preview1 Now Available

The first release of the Moqui Framework is now available for download through SourceForge at:

This first release has many tools that are usable right now, but there are many features planned for the final 1.0 release that are not yet complete. See the release notes for details about what is included and what is not yet either in the distribution or on the download page linked to above.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-02-09

New Web Site

The new web site at is now complete in its initial form. This site will definitely change over time as the projects grows (for example there is no "download" link yet, but eventually there will be!).

The site currently features various useful links plus a good deal of information about what the project is, how it is run, the design goals behind it, and a summary of features.

As with all of Moqui any review or feedback of this would be helpful

Posted by David E. Jones 2011-01-10

Making Moqui: What and why is a moqui?

Cutting right to the chase "moqui" (sometimes spelled "moki") is a Hopi word meaning "the dead" or "dearly departed one." What that says about this project is a good question, and the reader is welcome to interpret as desired. On a positive note somewhat in defense of this as a good name, the Hopi were one of many tribes that followed a form of ancestral worship.... read more

Posted by David E. Jones 2010-03-24

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