Why the name "moqui"?

  • Vasanth Kamatgi

    Vasanth Kamatgi - 2011-12-22

    I was wondering why this project was named moqui! Usually project naming has a
    story behind it. Story behind winstone was quite amusing!!!

    Tried looking for etymology of "moqui. Random search lead me to the words
    moki, hopi, moquette - I was not able to get a connection!

    Tell us the story David!

  • David E. Jones

    David E. Jones - 2011-12-22

    I commented on this in the first News post for the project here on
    SourceForge. Here is a copy of it:


    Making Moqui: What and why is a moqui?

    Cutting right to the chase "moqui" (sometimes spelled "moki") is a Hopi word
    meaning "the dead" or "dearly departed one." What that says about this project
    is a good question, and the reader is welcome to interpret as desired. On a
    positive note somewhat in defense of this as a good name, the Hopi were one of
    many tribes that followed a form of ancestral worship.

    When looking for a name for this project I wanted a fairly short word with
    some meaning, and that had a .org domain name available. I looked at all sorts
    of things, often coming back to Native American names and terms. The term
    moqui came from "moqui marbles" which are naturally occurring spheres (or
    close to spheres anyway) made of a sand-filled iron shell. The moqui marble is
    really what I had in mind when naming the project. For more information on
    that I recommend this Wikipedia article:


    On a side note, my first exposure to the term "moqui" was for "moki steps"
    which can be found in various parts of the stomping grounds of my youth in
    southern Utah. When exploring canyons there are places where it's a little bit
    difficult to get up a wall or steep sandstone face, or would be except for
    some handy indentations to put your hands and feet in as you climb to where
    you want to go. Maybe that's the best metaphor for the name moqui for an
    application framework project.

    In the true spirit of the idea: may the wisdom of my ancestors guide me in
    this effort.

  • Vasanth Kamatgi

    Vasanth Kamatgi - 2011-12-23

    Thanks for reproducing the post here once again.

    I know, I may have sounded thoroughly dumb, not having looked at all pages
    inside of moqui first, before doing etymological search.

    But, I am condoning myslef - The post was burried inside "Older Post items",
    which is hard to find. :)

  • Vasanth Kamatgi

    Vasanth Kamatgi - 2011-12-23

    I also have to add - Google doesnt seem to know the existence of that post.

    Like the new adage goes -

    If it aint listed by google, it dont exist! :)

    Maybe you should add it somewhere, where it is more visible! :)


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