David E. Jones - 2012-09-09

Hello all,

I have started work on a book about Moqui Framework to help developers get
started with it, and to act as a reference for use of it over time. This is
something I decided not to do with OFBiz, hoping other people who are more
adept at writing would fill that need. There are a couple of books about
developing with OFBiz, but they have a lot of room for improvement so I've
decided to try my hand at it for Moqui.

As part of the process I'd like to work with a few reviewers who have some
experience with Moqui, or who are in the process of learning more about it and
doing more with it. Initially the main feedback I'm looking for would be
related to the structure of the book, topics to include and exclude, important
details to make sure are included, and so on.

If you'd like to help with this, and in the process have early and free access
to this material, please contact me by email at "dej@dejc.com".

Eventually I plan to publish this through CreateSpace and perhaps on Kindle
and iBooks. I've done this with one other book, and the printed version turned
out great while I found that Kindle is actually quite a pain to work with
(especially with tables and other structure for text). iBooks is actually a
lot better that way, though with their review process it is more difficult to
get stuff published there. The format will be 6"x9", and I anticipate the
length will be 150-200 pages. I'd like it to be as concise as possible while
covering all of the main topics for developers with a level of detail
sufficient for clarity.