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Had to change ERROR to MOPPI_ERROR. Keyword issues.


Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-26


Make sure that when you upload your implementation files, you add a date extension to the file name...otherwise it's impossible to tell what the most recent release is.

Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-24

19 April 02 - Update: Results of meeting with grader

* First off, we are in good shape...we received complements for doing our documentation first, and were told not to be worried about not having code yet.

* Suggestions that he made include:
- User Documentation...we can use the user template that we created. Need to include the documentation format we will be using, sample code for the user, OS/platform choices that we made, any limitations or assumptions that we make about the users code. This should include all of the limitations that he has given us in class.
- Tech & Error Documentation...we are going to use our component documentation template to do all of this. Version 2 of the tech doc template will be used to incorporate error reporting. We should have test plans for all components. We also need to run test plans for the MOPPI main program that shows that EVERY INSTRUCTION has been tested at least once.
- Data Element Dictionary...We need to have documentation for every single variable that we declare in our code. The idea is to have documentation for someone trying to use our code. We will incorporate the Visual auto-documentation feature when we begin our coding to generate this for us. Craig told us this was an acceptable/good idea. We still need to clarify what EXACTLY what standard we will use to document our code.
- Table of contents...we need to create this from our documentation. MS Binder? Remember PAGE NUMBER AND CONSISTANT FORMATTING.
- Grading sheets...everything the grader is looking for can be found in the grading sheets on Stutz's web site. Use this as a guide.
- Pass 1...we only need to turn in our freaking documentation. We have much more time to define our project well, and code it.

Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-19

Adjust Standard Meeting Times

We are going to try and keep our meetings down to one hour to discuss group business. If you want to work in the lab after the meeting, that is fine.

Monday @ 7:30 (or 5:30 if class is canceled)
Wednesday @ 7:30 (or 5:30 if class is canceled)

Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-19

Meeting with TA

Just to remind everyone, Kerry has set up our meeting with the grader for Friday, 19 April 2002 at 4:30.

Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-13

SourceForge...our new home

If you're reading this you've made your way into SourceForge. SourceForge will give us a way to store our project files in a CVS repository, and basically provide almost all of the functionality of our old Yahoo Groups accounts. Enjoy!


Posted by Jason Eckersley 2002-04-10

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