Scripted scrolling

  • Daryl Van Humbeck

    I'm actually rather enjoying medit over gedit, but there's one slight problem that I haven't found a fix for just yet.

    In gedit, Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown would scroll sideways so I wouldn't have to touch the mouse while I'm editing files with very long lines.

    Is it possible to use either a Lua or Python script to page sideways?
    I've gone through the documentation and haven't found a way just yet.

  • Hibou57

    Hibou57 - 2014-02-12

    Not an answer, still may be a track: Ctrl-PageUp/Down to scroll left/right, is the default behaviour. So the question is not how to make MooEdit behave like it, but rather how to make it not override the default behaviour.

    Last edit: Hibou57 2014-02-12

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