Request - Color Added For #Commented Text Please?

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    SourceBugs - 2014-06-16


    First let me say GREAT editor! Thank you so much for creating this!

    Maybe this preference already exists but I don't see anything.

    It would certainly be nice if a color can be added for #commented lines, to make it easier to distinguish between them and lines that work.

    I do see it's pretty common for #commented lines to appear red, along with the # comment character too.

    I hope you will PLEASE consider this for your next release.

    I'm not an expert here on how colors should appear in editors, it seems to differ from editor to editor, I'm assuming just based on personal preferences.

    Please have a look at how Geany colors if you haven't seen it.

    Also does medit give the end-user the ability to change what gets colored, or you can only pick a different color scheme is all? It would really be nice if possible for the end-user to create their own color schemes...

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration!

    Keep up the great work!

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  • Yevgen Muntyan

    Yevgen Muntyan - 2014-06-17

    Some information about how syntax and colors are defined is here:

    There are two parts: syntax definition, which describes how text is split into pieces (e.g. comments), and color schema which defines how those pieces are colored. It all can be changed by the user, though there is no convenient UI.

    The web pages above talk about ${PREFIX}/share/gtksourceview-3.0/, but in medit that is ${PREFIX}/share/medit-1.0/language-specs. Take a look at .lang file for the language you are interested in, and medit.xml which defines the default color scheme. Each color scheme that you can select in the preferences dialog has a corresponding .xml file.

  • SourceBugs

    SourceBugs - 2014-06-18

    Ok thanks,

    Crap I was really staring to like medit but having to edit everything by hand is going to be a bitch...

    time to find another editor...



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