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Complete Refactor

Well I decided that I couldn't get anything done within the old code. It was too gross... so I started over fresh and so far the bot can connect to all varieties of IRCD and stay connected by responding to server PING. Not very exciting yet. Hopefully soon I'll get some time to think about how to abstract out the event handler and make it nice and customizable within the old idea of the parsers/ framework but better. It should be cool. Once all of the RFC commands are implemented I was thinking of focusing on some more unusual ideas for plugins rather than the same old auth, op, link, packet type of botnet crap. ;-)) Hrmzz... anyways talking to myself again.... read more

Posted by core 2006-02-22

Migrated to Subversion

The repository has been happily migrated to Subversion. For some reason I was inclined to trust to migrate it sanely although I can't say I am incredibly pleased to find the CVSROOT in the trunk. Here's my recommended checkout command:

svn co montypybot


Posted by core 2006-02-22


Well... after looking around and finding so many wonderful and mature Python bots I sort of lost interest. SF doesn't like an admin to delete projects so I'll keep it here on the off chance I feel like starting over. The code is pretty gross where we left off in 2000. ;-)

Posted by core 2006-02-15

Brand Spankin' New SourceForge Project

That's right folks. You heard it hear first. After almost 6 years of bit-rot Monty PyBot is back! Lots of new experiences and knowledge to apply this time around. For example the first goal will probably be to implement the RFC (will wonders never cease!). Stay tuned. Check the code out from CVS and laugh or submit a patch if you think Monty is a cool idea. I'll post a TODO list sometime this month (Nov. 2005). Thanks for stopping by!!

Posted by core 2005-11-04

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