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Official webpage


Monkey Studio Team is happy to inform you that the new official webpage is up.

You can now browse
You have acces to the svn, forums, wiki and trac to reports bugs.

Please, don't use anymore sourceforge to reports bugs, and forums : use the ones available on the official webpage.

There will be no more news here, please go on the webpage to be inform.

The mailing list will be switch shortly too.... read more

Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-12-28

1.6.0-d-1.0.1 Beta Released


Monkey Studio Team is happy to inform you that a beta version of the 1.6.0 is available, as a new feature we can tell u that debugger is now part of the IDE with the gdb integration for linux/windows.
As we don't have Mac OS X machine, any feedback for this OS is needed ( as for others too )


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-11-21

Monkey Studio 1.5.3 is out

Now the application can be installed with make isntall under linux/unix and mac.

See change log for changes.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-10-24

Monkey Studio 1.5.2 build fixed and German translation 1.5.2


A release bug fix for the 1.5.2 has been released to fix the build failed under linux ( and probably unix/mac users )

German translation for the 1.5.2 is out too :)

The Monkey Studio 1.6.0 beta release is imminent.

Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-10-23

Monkey Studio 1.6.0

Finally, in the wait of the futur V2, a Monkey Studio 1.6.0 will be released in a few Weeks.

New things are : Debugger and Code Completion.

Be patient :)


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-10-04

Monkey Studio 2006.1.5.2 Released

Monkey Studio 2006.1.5.2 Released, see sources txt files for changes.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-08-11

Stable Version


I see that guys download the beta RC2 Beta again,
Please download the last Stable 2006.1.5.1 instead.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-07-21

Downloads OK


It seems that download are OK for now.
If u encounter downloads error, please tell me.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-06-27

Last Stable Download

As u have probably see, sourceforge mirrors have not yet syncronize with the new project name, so downloads fails.

U can in the wait, use to download the last stable version of monkey studio

Maybe some others are working, test them if this one not work for you.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-06-20

Download Error


Due to the project unix name changed, download are temporaly unavailable.

Sourceforge do it's best to fixing it.

Sorry, and be patient :p
I will post another post when the downloads will be re enabled.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-06-15

Monkey Studio 2006.1.5.1 Released!

The last bugfix release is out.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-06-06

Name Change

Please update your bookmarks.
Trolltech SA contact me regarding there registered trademark "Qt" and ask me changin the project name.

The new project name will be monkeystudio if sourceforge allo me to change it.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-05-23

Qt4DS Monkey 2006.1.5.0 out


I proudly present the new version of Qt4DS Monkey.
As it's a final version 1.x is come as a stable version.
I'm now working on the 2.x version, so from now 1.x support will only be bugfix.


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-05-08

Spanish translation of RC2c

Finaly i finished the spanish translation of the RC2c.

so use and enjoy it.

and notice me every misstake.


Posted by Anonymous 2006-05-07

Spanish Translation

Hi everyone,

i hope this helps you a little.
and i hope i could finish this translation till the end of next week.
if you find any errors send me a notice at the email wihch you could find in the Readme in the archive.


Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-29

Qt4DS Monkey RC2c

Qt4DS Monkey RC2c is out.
The german translation for RC2c is also out.
The spanish translation will come soon.


ps: i hope this isn't posted twice.

Posted by Anonymous 2006-04-20

2006.1.0.0RC2b is out

This release is jsut a small bugfix for the 2006.1.0.0RC2, see source text files or more informations.

German Translation for this release is also out!


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-04-19

Release 2006.1.0.0RC2 (1.0.0RC2) is out!


A short message to say : Qt4DS Monkey 2006.1.0.0RC2 is out !


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-04-11

Mac User


I really need mac user feedback please, it's the only platform I can't test as I have not a mac.

Thanks, P@sNox

Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-04-01

Version 1.0.0RC2


Version 1.0.0RC2 will come out in the next days.
Be ready ! :p


Posted by Nox P@sNox 2006-03-29

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