Monitor Profile Switcher
Save multi monitor configurations of Windows 7 and easily switch between them with a click in a popup menu of your taskbar.

How to use it
Run MonitorSwitcherGUI.exe to enable the system tray icon. Configure your monitor setup as desired using the windows control panel. Once you have a monitor setup you want to save as a profile click the monitor icon in your system tray and select "Save Profile" -> "New Profile". Enter the name of the new profile in the popup and click "Ok". Your current monitor setup is now saved and can be restored by clicking again at the system tray icon and selecting the profile for loading. Make sure that MonitorSwitcherGUI.exe and MonitorSwitcher.exe are within the same directory, otherwise the GUI won't work. If you place a link to the MonitorSwitcherGUI.exe in your autostart folder make sure to set the working directory of the link properly so that the GUI can find the MonitorSwitcher.exe command line version.

How to use the command line version?
The command line program MonitorSwitcher.exe has two possible parameters, -load:FileName.xml and -save:FileName.xml which loads a monitor profile from a file and saves the current monitor profile to a xml file respectively.

What do you I need to run the program?
+ .NET Framework version 4.0
+ Windows 7, Windows 10 (Windows Vista and Windows 8 not tested but should work, anything below Vista will not)

Why should I switch between different mutli monitor configurations?
One common problem with using multiple monitors, especially if some are cloned, is that NVIDIA drivers will only enable vertical sync (tearing reduction) for the primary monitor, and only if the monitor isn't cloned. For normal desktop usage this is no problem but when it comes to gaming or watching HD movies there is no way of avoiding tearing on any monitor than the non cloned primary monitor. If you now have a TV attached it get's ugly because every time you want to play a game or watch a movie on the TV you have to make it the primary monitor. With the monitor profile switcher you can easily save certain monitor configuration profiles like "TV only", "Monitor Only", "TV and Monitor cloned" or "Monitor 1 and 2 cloned" and quickly switch between them. The switching case between TV and monitor is the reason why the program was written, however, many other applications in the ways people are using multiple monitors are possible.

What if anything goes wrong?
The worst possible case is that you somehow manage to disable all your monitors, although very unlikely theoretically it could happen. If everything goes black try to make sure that all devices which are attached to the computer are actually turned on and see if you see an image anywhere (even a monitor/tv without power counts as attached device). If nothing helps boot windows into safe mode to fix the problem.

What makes this program different from all the multi monitor suites which are available?
The Monitor Profile Switcher focuses only on creating monitor configuration profiles and switching easily between them. Unlike many of the multi monitor suites it's light weight and doesn't include any overhead like additional taskbars, dual monitor wallpaper, etc. And it's also free ;)

Known Problems
NVIDIA's Surround and AMD's Eyefinity Technologies are at the moment not supported.

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