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v1.0.3 - Multi level overviews and time windows

Monfarm can now produce multi level overview pages at any level. In addition, you can now define time windows in where alarms will be generated.

Posted by Tevfik Karagülle 2003-01-31

v1.0.2 Overview page !!

Monfarm can now produce an overview page where you can get a complete overview of your serverfarms. You can also drill down to see status of individual servers.

Posted by Tevfik Karagülle 2002-12-18

v1.0.1 - Port monitoring module

Now it is possible to monitor your services based on monitoring ports. In this way you can check basic availability of your web, mail , ftp servers and others in the same page and get alarms sent in case of unavailability

Posted by Tevfik Karagülle 2002-12-15

Monfarm initial release

You can use monfarm to monitor your serverfarms. It generates dynamically updated status pages, as well as alarms in case of availability.

Posted by Tevfik Karagülle 2002-12-09