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it is not dead

Over 4 months have passed since the last release and CVS is also not very active, so maybe some people will think that this projects is dead. It is not, but I (as the only developer) am currently very busy with university projects and real life and there are some things left ony my todo list for this projects that have to be dealt with before 0.5 is released. I hope I'll have some time for it and can release 0.5 in June, if you have any specific wishes what should be included please let me know.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2003-05-20

Version 0.4 released

Version 0.4 of the Moneytrack Java-Client has been released a few days ago. Additional to the usual .zip and .gz files there is a new .bz2 release. As always all releases include both compiled bytecode-files and sourcecode. Some cvs-related directories are by accident also included, please ignore them.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2003-01-31

Printing support in Java client

The Java client has now experimental printing support. Until version 0.4 is released you might try out the CVS to test it.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-12-31

Webinterface available for testing

The first version of the Webinterface for MoneyTrack is available now for testing. This is a pre-pre-pre-alpha version and only available in german (sorry guys). Only the entry of new records and the listing of all records are currently implemented. To get a first look point your browser to (the index.php part is important).

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-10-13

KDE-Client and Webinterface

I'm just started programming the PHP-Webinterface and the KDE-Client. Because I have no idea of KDE programming the development of the later will start very slow. I hope that I can release a first alpha of the webinterface in a few days, but I cannot promise that because I have some very busy days at university.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-10-09


I've posted some questions in the development forum regarding the future development of MoneyTrack. Your suggestions are welcome.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-10-03

java-client 0.2 released

I released version 0.2 of the java-client today. See the changelog / release-notes for the improvements against 0.1.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-09-24

CVS for java-client available

I set up the CVS-repository for the java-client a few days ago. It works fairly well at this stage and also has some localization support (but this is far from complete). Some scripts and doc files to set up the server part will follow soon.

Posted by Marius Mauch 2002-09-16

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