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Source Code migration

Posted by Nikolay 2014-05-26

Projects of week of March 10, 2014

Money Manager Ex will be featured on the front page of for the week of March 10, 2014. Projects are chosen based on a variety of considerations, such as recent releases, interesting blog activity, or other related things.

Front page features tend to result in increased traffic to your project page, so you may want to take this opportunity to make sure you have the latest project description, screenshots, and project logo.... read more

Posted by Nikolay 2014-03-09

MoneyManagerEx beta

The new development versions can be downloaded from using the following link:

What's new

Posted by Nikolay 2013-11-26

New Stable Major wxWidgets 3.0.0 Release

The final version of wxWidgets 3.0, the first new stable wxWidgets release in years and the first new major release since 1998, is now available. Please download the sources and binaries for the selected Windows compilers (Microsoft Visual C++ and MinGW-TDM) from SourceForge or our FTP mirror. As usual, the release files contain the sources and the documentation for the library in Unix (.tar.bz2) and Windows (.zip or .7z, with the latter being significantly smaller) formats. Notice that the documentation is also available online.... read more

Posted by Nikolay 2013-11-26

wxWidgets 2.9.5 Released 2013-07-16

wxWidgets 2.9.5 has been officially released.

Money Manager Ex is already compatible with it.
Next release will be issued based on wxWidgets 2.9.5.

Posted by Nikolay 2013-07-26

We continue to develop

Hi Everybody,

We continue to develop new features and code improvements.
Progress has still been made to correct bugs and some annoying issues experienced by some users.

Interested users are encouraged to use the latest developments and to report any new problems or issues which may have occured in this current version.... read more

Posted by Nikolay 2013-03-24

MMEX General Release

- Externals updated to wxSQLite3 V: 3.0.0 (sqlite3 V:
- New dialog designs, updated keyboard and user interface features.
- Budget Section Upgrade
- View as Calendar Years or Financial Years
- Budget Category summaries showing subcategory totals.
- Added Monthly Budgets.
- Allow transfer totals to be included in budget totals.
- Improved Help for Budget setup
- Improved Split Categories
- Allows deposits and withdrawals in same transaction.
- Allows split categories to be edited.
- Allows quick viewing of split categories in transactions.
- Improved Transaction Filtering - allowing edits to transactions.
- Improved Navigation tree and Account type identification.
- Improved CSV Inport/Export facility using a Universal Dialog.
- Improved QIF Importing facility.
- Recent files list added.
- Backup feature now allows 4 backups at start and/or end when updated.
- Improved Options Dialog. Allow user to cancel changes.
- Improved Cash Flow Report.
- Improved Custom SQL Report File Saving features.
- Updated Help Files with improved Language support
- Improve startup error handling.
- Miscellaneous code improvements and bug fixes.

Posted by Nikolay 2012-09-26

Version Released

Download from

- Remove add account dialog when one clicks "Bank Accounts" node
- Add Bills & Deposit Tracking
- Add Stock Investments
- Fix Bug 1455804: No option to set date format to 'yy/mm/dd'
- Fix Bug 1470420: App Does not start id last used data file is not
- Fix Bug 1455806: Korean Won Symbol not displaying correctly
- Fix Bug 1455827: No Selection in AppStart Dialog causes problems
- Fix Bug 1470420: App Does not start id last used data file is not

Posted by Mad Kan 2006-04-18

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