#87 Buy/Sell for Stocks and Investments


I use to frequently sell and buy stocks. Can you please
add feature to Buy and Sell Stocks in Investment Type

1) The Buy amount can be withdrawn from a
Banking/Credit Card Type account or a Payee.
2) The Sell amount can be deposited to a Banking/Credit
Card Type account or a Payee.


  • Domenico

    Domenico - 2006-12-12

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    This can be a great feature, I hope this will be implemented soon.

  • Mad Kan

    Mad Kan - 2007-01-14
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  • Mad Kan

    Mad Kan - 2007-01-14
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  • Mad Kan

    Mad Kan - 2007-04-28

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    This makes it clear to me now. It does make sense to look at it this way.

    Good to have an accountant on board! :-)


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    >To make sure I understand this correctly,
    >When I buy a stock, there should be a transfer of funds from Account A to Stock Account B. (Not reported in expenses)
    >When I sell a stock, there should be a transfer of funds from Stock Account B to Account A. (Not reported in income)

    >This sounds fine, but if the stock value either increased or decreased, how do I account it as?
    >i.e. where is this extra money coming from? How can this be represented as?
    >This should be reported as income or expenditure right?


    That's Correct with reguard to account A and account B.

    I don't know anything about programming, but if I were going to
    address this issue, I would enter a transaction for the stock accounts
    as an investment income or loss transaction (the same way you would
    record interest earned in a savings account) for any change in a stock
    price for example. The amount of income would go to "Investment
    income" and if there was a loss I would create a standard expense for
    "investment loss" because one currently does not exist. That way the
    account would be correctly adjusted for any income or loss, and then
    the issue goes back to transfering the money without the transfer
    being part of the revenue and expense report. Hope this helps....

    If you have any other questions please let me know, I will be happy to
    answer any accounting questions you may have.

    Jason McWhorter

  • Mad Kan

    Mad Kan - 2007-04-28
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  • Anonymous - 2014-06-01

    I would really appreciate if you could develop this feature.

  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2014-06-02

    The problem with Investment Accounts is that it assumes that investments are Stocks. Therefore there is only one account for a set of shares. These are known as Stocks, where a set of predefined shares from different companies are purchased and maintained. This feature does not cater for Shares and share purchases or dividends. This problem was partially solved with the introduction of Term accounts in 2010 as follows:

    Create an Investment Type account eg... ABC Inc
    Create a Term Type account: eg... ABC Inc Shares
    The 2 accounts work as a pair:
    The Investment account is used to record the share quantity, and the Term account is used to record the purchase, sale and dividend for the shares.

    Although this is not a good solution, it was, and is the only work around until a better solution is found. As I require this feature as well, we have yet to find the time to come up with a better solution and integrate this feature into the existing database structure.

    Hopefully we can finally find a solution soon as the MMEX code base has now been improved.

  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2014-06-07
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  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - 2015-02-24
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