#222 Liabilities Tracking and Management

Ability to add liabilities (mortgages, loans, etc.) much like the current Assets section. These would then be added to reports in the same way assets currently are so the user could see a truer value of their net worth.

Short Term:
Hopefully the user could adjust the values in these accounts through “Deposits” (for interest) and “Withdraws” (for payments) or something alone those lines.

Long Term:
It would be nice for the MMEx to be able to handle simple and complex interest on liabilities with users only needing to handle payment entry.


  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2012-05-04
    • labels: --> Assets/Liabilities
    • status: open --> pending-out-of-date
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2012-05-04

    This request may possibly be resolved in the newer versions, as many changes have been made since initial report.

    Please advise if this is still relevant.

  • JoelC

    JoelC - 2012-05-18

    This is still outstanding and hasn't been covered by newer versions.

    Currently, as far as I know, you still have to handle these manually with a negative balance "bank account" that you manually add interest and payments to each month.

  • JoelC

    JoelC - 2012-05-18
    • status: pending-out-of-date --> open
  • Daud

    Daud - 2013-07-06


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  • Anonymous - 2013-09-21


    It would be great if the mortgage is updated with the interest rate and the tenure of the loan to show the EMI's that have to go out. I believe that is the feature asked in this thread and hence adding this message here.
    A similar tool is there on excel here...


  • Anonymous - 2013-10-14

    Hi there, I have been usinf MoneyManager intensively. Like it a lot, much more tan other I have used. However the liabilities issue is a big issue for me. If I can´t keep track of my debts, installments and interest payments, it is more difficult to organize. It would be great to have a tool to program the installemnts and keep track of the debt sum along with the interest and expenses I have paid for the debt. For now I keep them as periodic transactions, helps somewhat. I hope you find the time to add this. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - 2014-01-25
    • Group: -->
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2016-07-20
    • status: open --> closed
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2016-07-20

    New account type of Loan and new Asset Management has been added, which allows an asset to link to an asset account. This allows assets and liabilities to be better managed.


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