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I like having the current balance listed after each transaction. However, under account view - bank account - the print button under file is not highlighted and can not get a copy. If I export to a CSV file everything is there except the balance column has diappeared. If I go to the Transaction Report, everything but the balance column also and it prints just like the screen copy without it. I feel as though I am missing some simple step, but can not figure it out. Except for the missing balance column in the printed or file copy, I love the program and have no problem adapting to it. I am a little surprised as I find it more useful than I thought it would be.
Transfering this here from the ZealSupport forum I just realized that there is no printed Number column either to show check number or tranaction reference number. A concise printed copy with all the information on it would be very useful.


  • Webmaster33

    Webmaster33 - 2009-08-06

    +1 vote for adding balance column on reports.

    I would like to display a Transaction Report, but I do not see the Balance amount, as displayed in the Bank Accounts.

    Display Balance amount column in Transaction Report, too (for each one row).

  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - 2013-09-23

    Print account view and/or export to html (csv) would be nice feature.

  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - 2014-01-23
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  • Anonymous - 2014-01-27

    Please allow us to print the transactions

    • guanlisheng

      guanlisheng - 2014-01-28

      I think you can get this feature in v1.0.1.0. You will find this feature for asset panel on trunk if you can build MMEX from source code yourself.

  • Nikolay

    Nikolay - 2015-03-01
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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