#197 replace wxStringTokenizer with common CSV parser

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When i read the source code, i found MMEX is using the wxStringTokenizer to parse the CSV file.
Why did we use one CSV lib to do this?

univcsvdialog.cpp with version1561
507 wxStringTokenizer tkz(line, delimit, wxTOKEN_RET_EMPTY_ALL);
508 int numTokens = (int)tkz.CountTokens();



  • guanlisheng

    guanlisheng - 2011-12-21
    • priority: 5 --> 6
    • assigned_to: nobody --> madhan
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2011-12-21

    I find this a curious question, and not sure if I am understanding the question.

    Searching the history, the stated lines in the code at rev 1561 have been like this for years, as far back as rev 559 except the lines are 484, 485.

    If you are asking why we are not using a single piece of code to perform the same functions as I think this appears in several places, then this is a good question, but not necessarily a bug. I can only suggest that different people do things differently when they are writing code perhaps???

  • guanlisheng

    guanlisheng - 2011-12-28
    • priority: 6 --> 5
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2012-04-23
    • assigned_to: madhan --> nobody
    • status: open --> closed-invalid
  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2012-04-23

    Code redone by author has he has become a member of the project team.


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