Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.2 GA Now Available

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Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.2 GA Now Available

Happy Holidays -- Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.2 is Generally Available!

We have reached the finish line! Pentaho 1.2 is now generally available.

  • we have gone through three release candidates,
  • found 925 issues and enhancements,
  • and resolved 650 (over 70%) of the reported issues and enhancements.

Although we are moving on to the next version, we will continue to improve
the 1.2 release with better documentation and updates for critical
improvements and issues. The Release Candidate forum will be locked for new
posts; however, the content will be searchable and available. Additionally,
we have improved our documentation (see the Introducing... the Documentation Wiki
in this newsletter).

Download the 1.2 release now at !

We thank you for your support and help through this year of intense
development and growth. Stay tuned for announcements concerning more ways
for you to get involved with the project!

Introducing... the Documentation Wiki

In conjunction with the release of Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.2 GA, the Pentaho
team has moved all of the project documentation to a new wiki format. We are
excited to have all documentation in a format that encourages community
collaboration, feedback and contributions.

Check out the new documentation at . Feel free to
comment and give us feedback at
on the new wiki in our documentation forum.

Advanced Implementation Workshop: A Unique Opportunity

Pentaho is a business intelligence platform in the extreme. Its many
standards-based interfaces provide almost unlimited flexibility and the
ability to integrate BI into a variety of enterprise architectures, both up
and down the stack.

The Advanced Imlpementation Workshop is an intensive hands-on workshop,
guided by the Pentaho development and product management teams, giving
participants insight into the design philosophy and deployment scenarios
intended for Pentaho and supported by Pentaho Management Services.
Emphasis is placed on points of integration with 3rd-party security APIs,
application servers, portals and source code control systems.

This is a 3 day workshop, offered January 30, 2007 to February 1, 2007. Cost
is $995 USD per attendee; attendance is limited. Take advantage of this
unique opportunity and register today at .

Google Code ( is featuring Pentaho's AJAX-based integration with the Google Maps API.
Pentaho's example was selected as a compelling and innovative example of the flexibility and power of the Google Maps API.

To see the Google Maps integration in action, download the Pentaho Open BI Suite Pre-Configured Installation (PCI) demo
at .

In the samples that ship with the PCI, navigate to Solutions, Samples, Steel Wheels, Dashboards, Google Maps. There you will find an interactive
sample that demonstrates mapping with Pentaho Dashboards and Pentaho sample data.

Download the Pentaho demo and test drive Google Maps integration today at .

Software Quality Reporting for JIRA Now Available

Software Quality Reports for JIRA/Bugzilla (SQR) provides reporting and
analysis on top of the very popular JIRA and Bugzilla issue tracking
systems. SQR is an out-the-box, packaged solution built upon the Pentaho
Open BI Platform. It provides an end to end solution for delivering valuable software quality
information to product managers, project managers, development managers, and software engineers.

Software Quality Reports includes:

  • Extract Transform and Load (ETL) Mappings
  • ETL Jobs
  • Reporting Data Models (ie, Dimensional Models, staging tables, summary tables, aggregates)
  • OLAP Schema Definitions
  • Operational Reports
  • Analytic Reports

Take a look at SQR for JIRA today at .

Latest Project Releases

We're proud to announce the release of the next generation in open source
reporting - JFreeReport 0.9.0. Download the 0.9.0 version
and test drive the new engine today.

New Training Offered

Pentaho training is growing to cover the critical needs of Pentaho
developers and users! New content and expanded sessions make Pentaho training even more
comprehensive and packed with everything you need to be "solution-ready".

Check out the sessions available at
in early 2007.

Pentaho Project Forums

Visit the new Pentaho projects forums at

The JFreeReport, Mondrian, Kettle, WEKA and Pentaho forums now share the
same community home - a faster, more customizable environment, conducive to
collaboration and project development.

Send us your thoughts on the new forums via our Migration Support Forum at .

Get Involved!

Beta Program Team Members Wanted!

We are looking for active community members and partners to participate in
upcoming Beta programs. By participating in Beta programs, you will gain
early access to the latest Pentaho product offerings and get the chance to
work directly with the Pentaho development team.

Go here for more details:


Weigh in on the Hefty Job of Internationalization

It is our mission to build the best toolset for the development community
around the best business intelligence suite. With the introduction of the
documentation wiki, we have encountered new localization challenges.

Read about it here,,
and weigh in, your opinion matters!

About Pentaho

Thanks for your interest in the Pentaho project and helping us make Open Source Business Intelligence a reality and a great alternative to proprietary closed source vendors! Contact us with comments, suggestions, issues and praise.

For previous issues of this newsletter, visit the Pentaho Community Newsletter Archives at .

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