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We are pleased to announce that on December 10, 2006, we will be moving the Pentaho project forums to a new, faster, more full-featured forum site. This move includes the forums for the Pentaho project, the Mondrian project, the Kettle project and the JFreeReport project.

The objective for moving the project forums is simple and sincere - we wish to provide the very best community environment for all of our communities to work, play and develop in. All of the project forums have room to grow toward this objective. Each project (ie., Mondrian, Kettle, Pentaho) will have it's own portal into the forums for those community members who wish to remain focused on the individual project. We also now have the added benefit of providing integrated resources for the community that is using multiple Pentaho projects or the entire BI suite.

We are very well aware that moving a project's forums is very much like moving a home for an open source project, and have taken care to "pack all the valuables" carefully. Our first effort at making sure the community is informed and involved is this pre-announcement of the move. We are asking for your comments, concerns and feedback on our plan for handling the move. You can review the Forum Migration FAQ ( ), and post your thoughts in the Migration Support Forum at . We will migrate the Migration Support Forum and keep it live for 90 days after the move or until we feel that all communities have settled in to their new forums comfortably.

We also invite anyone in the community to preview the test forum site that we have set up to validate the move. Email for instructions on how to access the test site.

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Posted by Gretchen Moran 2006-12-04

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