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Two Pentaho Training Sessions Available in 2006!

What better way to gear up for 2007, than to dig into the details of the Pentaho Open BI Suite in an in-depth training course in 2006! Pentaho is pleased to offer two training sessions before year end, covering Pentaho essentials that will jumpstart your BI application development. Both courses are being offered in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Operational Reporting Using the Pentaho BI Platform, Nov. 13 - 15, 2006

This intensive 3-day course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to create and customize Pentaho reports and to deploy them via portals and e-mail. Students learn basic and intermediate design techniques for Pentaho Reporting (JFreeReport) using the Pentaho Report Designer and Report Design Wizard. Pentaho Design Studio is introduced and is used to create action sequence definitions that perform "bursting" of reports to email recipients based on database lookups and business rules. Parameterization of reports is also covered along with techniques for implementing custom parameter pages.

Building Analytic Solutions with Pentaho, Dec. 12 - 15, 2006

This four-day course provides students with the practical knowledge needed to design, build and implement OLAP-based solutions using Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle), Pentaho OLAP (Mondrian) and the Pentaho BI platform. The focus is on development of essential skills, including the ability to design a basic star schema and populate it using Pentaho Data Integration transformations, the knowledge required to create an OLAP schema definition as well as the techniques required to configure end-user access over the web and through Excel. The basics of OLAP security and performance optimization are also covered.

Visit or email to register for this course. Register now, space is limited!

Pentaho Recognized as Open Source BI Leader by Entiva Group

Pentaho has been recognized as the leader in the open source business intelligence (BI) market by Entiva Group, the first analyst firm to concentrate exclusively on the use of open source software to improve business operations. The recognition came in an independent and unsolicited report titled "Pentaho Gives Open Source Business Intelligence a Boost" and is available free at .

The report evaluates Pentaho's architecture, functionality and deployability as well as considerations for organizations evaluating Pentaho for BI. It specifically singles out the stability, ease of use, integrated architecture and industry-standard compliance of the Pentaho platform.

Go Pentaho!

This Week's Tech Tip: Chris Webb Introduces MDX Calculations: Previous Period Growth

This week's tech tip comes form Chris Webb, a well-known figure in the Microsoft Business Intelligence community, regularly contributing to newsgroups and online discussion forums, and who has spoken at several international conferences.

Chris submits his first tutorial in a planned series on MDX queries, calculations and general use. You won't want to miss this series if you are just getting your feet wet with Mondrian!

Get Chris's article at


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