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Pentaho Announces SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Certification

It's official - we've completed certification of the Pentaho Open BI Suite on both the server and desktop editions of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell. Together, Pentaho and SUSE Linux Enterprise provide a compelling solution leveraging open source software to provide superior functionality and value compared to proprietary alternatives.

Visit Pentaho News at to read the full press release.

RC Days Update ... from the Front Lines

News update about our RC Days community outreach! From Tony D., Pentaho Application Development Manager:

The launch of RC Days put the Pentaho project into hyper drive, racing towards the long awaited release of the Pentaho Open BI Suite version 1.2. There has been lots of activity: bugs found and squashed, enhancements logged, and the definition of a planet is being reconsidered (not that we had anything to do with that)! Check out the statistics below.

  • 141 issues (bugs, improvements, features requests, and tasks) entered
  • 61% of the new issues were bugs; 77% of the new bugs are resolved
  • 38% of entered issues severely impacted functionality or performance; 58% of those have been resolved

We’ve done a lot and have more work to do. We thank the community members that have given feedback via the forums.

If you have not participated in the RC days, now is your chance. Check out the Dev Zone at for more info on RC Days, or visit to browse open or resolved cases for the next release candidate. Every contributed bug, suggestion, or critique makes Pentaho the leading open source BI project! Now back to your regularly scheduled newsletter.

Pentaho App Dev Manager (aka Head Geek Wrangler)

This Week's Tech Tip: Dynamically Generating a Cross Tab Report, Part I

We recently received a monster (in a great way!!) of a tech tip from Nic Guzaldo, a self-taught Pentaho expert and supporter. I spent a day or so getting my head around what Nic had accomplished (with many exclamations of "wow, I didn't know we could do THAT!"), and figured I should break it up into a series of articles for easier consumption.

This first article of the series focuses on creating a query that will not only demonstrate setting up regular data for a cross tab report, but also use user input to determine the number of columns in the query.

In the second half of this solution, we will continue with Nic's example and use the generated resultset as input to a dynamically generated report spec, to create a Pentaho report that allows a variable number of columns, dynamically generated report name, nice output names for external files and other goodies!

Start test driving this jam-packed solution at

Pentaho Community Strong Show at LinuxWorld, Thank You!

FIrst feedback from our Chief Geek, James D., at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco this week: "The Pentaho team is feeling the love from the community!". James and the rest of the team in SF would like to extend a very warm thank you to the Pentaho community for showing up and taking over the Pentaho booth at the show.

Historically Pentaho has attracted ginormous amounts of attention at trade shows, either because we are an extremely compelling BI team or because we have been known to hire show girls to work the booth (I suspect it's a little of both). LinuxWorld SF has been no exception, according to the team. The difference at LinuxWorld this week is that the crowd has been engaged, entrenched Pentaho community members. We are very proud to have such a committed, enthusiastic group banging on our projects; once again, many thanks to those members in SF supporting the team.

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