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Pentaho Open BI Suite Release Candidate Ready For Download

We are happy to announce the first release candidate build of the Pentaho Open BI Suite. This release is the first in a series over the coming weeks that will drive us closer to our next GA release, Pentaho Open BI Suite version 1.2. The progress made since our first official GA release in December has been incredible. We've improved the quality and the look and feel of the BI platform, matured and stabilized our solution definitions and the tools used to create solutions, kept abreast of over a dozen different integrated open source projects and moved to their latest versions as they released, the list goes on!

Download the release candidate today from .

Community Test Rally: Pentaho RC Days Have Begun

Participate in the RC Days of the Pentaho Open BI Suite!

We are calling on the community to rally and provide testing, bug reporting and bug fixing for the Suite to help us move through release candidacy to a generally available 1.2 release quickly and successfully. The sooner we get this next GA release out the door, the sooner we can pick up coding all those cool new features you are clamoring for!

We look forward to working with our committed contributors, and welcome any new testers ready to roll up their sleeves and get dirty:)

Read up on the Pentaho Dev Zone ( ) on how to participate, and find out what's in it for you!

Pentaho JIRA Case Tracking Now Open to Community

In support of our growing community of Pentaho developers and users, we have opened our JIRA case tracking system for read-only access.

JIRA is the backbone of the Pentaho development process, supporting project roadmapping, feature, enhancement and bug tracking, developer load management and much more. Pentaho community will now be able to see the status of any Pentaho case real-time. This is critical information and we are excited to offer another service that strengthens our project and our community.

You can access the Pentaho JIRA system at .

Stay tuned, JIRA will be open for edits, bug submissions and voting shortly!

OLAP Survey 6 - Two Weeks Left to Tell the World Why Mondrian Rocks!

Is Mondrian the star of your project? Want to tell the world why you think Open Source OLAP ROCKS? Consider filling out the OLAP Survey 6, the largest independent survey of business intelligence users worldwide.

The OLAP Survey is in the final two weeks of information gathering, so here we are reminding you to make a difference. As a participant, you will not only have the opportunity to ensure your experiences are included in the analyses, but you will also receive a summary of the results from the full survey. You will also have a chance of winning one of ten $50 Amazon vouchers.

For more details about the OLAP Survey 6 and the OLAP Report, visit .

Go to to complete the survey in English, or in German.

This Week's Tech Tip: Localizing a Pentaho Report

In anticipation of the next GA release, we are stepping up our efforts to help you get the Pentaho projects localized to your language of choice. This week's tip is about localizing the Pentaho Report. I outline the simple (but maybe a little dirty) steps to changing the report definition to use resource bundles for display strings.

For the full article, visit .

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