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Pentaho News: New Resources for BI Best Practices

Pentaho and JBoss: Best Practices for Large Scale Information Delivery

James (Pentaho's Chief Geek) is back from JBoss World in Vegas, and the folks at JBoss have been kind enough to publish the slides from his standing-room-only presentation, "Scaling Up: Using JBoss Clustering for Large Scale Information Delivery".

The description from the abstract:

"Business Intelligence applications are often deployed to tens of thousands of users, creating extreme requirements for performance, scalability, and reliability. Delivering this kind of scalability requires a solid understanding of JBoss clustering capabilities, and some critical design and architecture decisions to avoid bottlenecks, ensure redundancy, and maximize scalability on the JBoss platform."

Download James' presentation slides from JBoss World 2006 for the overview:

Wide Range of Pentaho Training Sessions Available

We're excited to announce that the 2006 training schedule has been finalized, and Pentaho will be appearing in five countries to offer hands-on training courses.

Pentaho is developing a wide curriculum of courses that are available through both public and private on-site events. Training courses cover core Pentaho modules such as Reporting, Analytics and Data Integration. Sessions are developed to span from the fundamentals of working with the Pentaho BI Platform, to introducing the newest features and functionality in the latest release.

For more details about Pentaho training and to see the schedule, visit

Join the Pentaho Team for OSCON 2006

The Pentaho team is on the road again, this time destination Portland, Oregan USA for the 8th Annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON).

The O'Reilly Open Source Convention, happening July 24-28, 2006 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, is where early adopters, coders, expert users, sys admins, entrepreneurs, and business people working in free and open source software gather to share ideas, discover code, and find solutions. Come to OSCON to debate, make deals, and connect face to face with thousands of friends, colleagues, and fellow geeks in the open source—and soon-to-be open source—community.

Join the team at OSCON to talk about Pentaho roadmap, community, and more. To read more about the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, visit

MySQL Samples for Pentaho: a Technical Article Series by Roland Bouman, MySQL AB

Pentaho and MySQL are proving to be a perfect match for best practice business intelligence!

Roland Bouman of MySQL AB is writing a series of excellent articles that will walk you through creating your own set of MySQL Samples for Pentaho. Follow along in Roland's blog ( and learn how to maximize your solutions with the power of Pentaho and MySQL.


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Posted by Gretchen Moran 2006-07-20

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