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June Sets Records For Pentaho - A Big Thank You Goes Out to the Community

The Pentaho team wants to thank every member of the Pentaho Nation for making June a record month for us. Our project stats went completely off the charts, topping over 54,000 downloads ... in one month!!

Here are just a few other exciting developments:

-Pentaho Reporting (JFreeReport) is the reporting engine of choice in the Pentaho platform, with over 5000 downloads of its client tool, Pentaho Report Designer, in the first 30 days of the designer's open source debut.

-Pentaho Analysis Services (Mondrian) recorded the highest monthly download total in its five-year history, exceeding theprevious high by 50%!

-Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) has exploded in popularity and adoption, drawing over 35 community developers assisting the team with the latest release.

Together we have built and continue to improve the very best open source business intelligence suite. We appreciate your continued enthusiasm, commitment and always, your feedback on what we are doing right and what we can do better!

Last Chance to Win a Mac Mini!

Pentaho is offering the challenge to all MySQL and Pentaho fans! Watch the MySQL/Pentaho webinar, build Pentaho reports using a MySQL datasource, and give us your feedback. In return, you will be entered to win a Mac Mini!

View the Pentaho and MySQL web seminar at .

Get the details of the contest at .

Hurry, get your entry in to us, the contest ends next week!

This Week's Tech Tip: JavaScript and Java Object Access in Kettle

Kettle's Matt Casters helps new users and ETL veterans navigate the Script Values Step. Matt also outlines how to access Java objects within JavaScript which opens unlimited technical possibilities when using the Script Values Step, making this step a universal tool for any extraction, loading, or transformation.

Check out Matt's technical article at .

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Posted by Gretchen Moran 2006-07-07

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