Pentaho News: New Development Resources Now Available!

Pentaho Source Code Available From Public Subversion Repository

To our community development team: We bring you Subversion!

No more laborious late-night merges or other tedious tasks associated with MIA source control (for which we apologize). You now have direct read access to the Pentaho open source code in our public Subversion repository!

Get the Pentaho repository setup info and check out the Pentaho project code at

Dashboard Builder's Guide Available in BETA - Send Us Your Feedback!

Dashboards have been a topic of great interest in our forums, and the Pentaho development team has heard the community's request for features, as well as guidance. We continue to collaborate with community members on dashboard design and implementation, and have now released the Dashboard Builder's Guide to help get you started using dashboards in your solutions.

Our first draft of the Dashboard Builder's Guide is now available in BETA for preview from our site at Help us to help YOU, by making the documentation better! Send your feedback to

This Week's Tech Tip: Mondrian: The Power of OLAP

This week we bring you a two-part article that showcases a powerful customization feature in Mondrian. Entitled The Power of OLAP: Part 1 & 2, these articles from Nick Goodman's blog introduce the reader to complex then simplified means of creating custom MDX measures in Mondrian.

Fire up Mondrian and follow along. You can find the articles under the title "OLAP Technical Articles" at

Thanks for your interest in the Pentaho project and helping us make Open Source Business Intelligence a reality and a great alternative to proprietary closed source vendors! Contact us with comments, suggestions, issues and praise.

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