Pentaho News: Milestone 1.1.7, Kettle 2.3.0 Available

Pentaho Release Stable Milestone 1.1.7 Now Available

Stable Milestone Release 1.1.7 of the Pentaho Open BI Suite is now available for download.

This release includes a new look and feel for the Pentaho demo that you must see! Among the many other improvements made in the release, here is a list of the highlights:

--built many new samples,
--Javascript component enhancements,
--squashed a ton of bugs,
--added if statement support to the action sequence,
--greater control over action sequence outputs,
--and integrated the new Kettle release in support of data integration job execution.

Download the release today from

Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) Release 2.3.0 Now Available

The Pentaho Data Integration team has done an incredible job producing the latest release, along with managing an explosion of community support and overall popularity.

Pentaho Data Integration 2.3.0 offers numerous features and fixes, including overall performance enhancements, new Steps, search metadata functionality, added parameterization functionality, new localizations, and much more. Check out the change log at for details on all of the improvements and new features release 2.3.0 brings!

The Pentaho Data Integration release 2.3.0 is now shipping in the latest Pentaho Open BI Suite release (Stable Milestone 1.1.7), or you can download it independently from

Explore the Leading Edge! Pentaho Open BI Suite 1.1.7 In Depth at Pentaho Training

Join the experts on Pentaho's latest release at the hands-on training workshop in Provo, Utah USA from July 18th to July 21st, 2006 at the Novell Training Center.

Cruise through the latest developments in the Pentaho BI platform, the Pentaho Reporting Engine, and the client tools, covering the new documented improvements as well as leading edge new features yet to be announced!

Don't miss this workshop, it is the one that will fast-forward your Pentaho development team! Visit for registration information, course details and pricing.

Unlocking ERP Data Using Open Source Tools: A Pentaho Partner White Paper

A compelling white paper that examines unlocking ERP data using Pentaho and Breadboard BI is now available for download!

Pentaho Partner Breadboard BI asks the question 'Can open source BI be applied to the ERP space?'. Download the paper today from Read about their findings, the methods they used for validation, and the Pentaho components involved in their solution.

This Week's Tech Tip: Embedding Charts Using the Report Design Wizard

Take a spin with the Report Design Wizard and learn how to easily embed charts in your Pentaho reports! This exercise is a 10 minute how-to designed to show you how embed both report level and group level charting, as well as demonstrate manipulating basic chart features.

Check out the article at

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Posted by Gretchen Moran 2006-06-28

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