I use mondorescue to make daily 'mondoghost' on a RHEL 3 system (yes, I know, very old release, but we HAVE to use it for compatibility issue and its a critical productive system).

It worked fine until beginning of February, and know failed every time in the mindi part. I try to run mindi directly in the command line and here is the fatal result :

"Creating data disk #1...mount: could not find any free loop device
FATAL ERROR. Can't loopmount /var/cache/mindi/mindi-data-1.img to /tmp/mindi.QAAJTj2880/mountpoint.2872! The reason may be missing support for loopfs or ext2 (or both) in the running kernel."

So no more free loop device.
Is there a way to cleanup opened loop (without rebooting) ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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