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Release of v0.10

Announcing a new version of MonAMI: v0.10

This release features support for writing monitoring data into databases and "adaptive monitoring". Other major changes include:

New plugins: varnish (monitor a Varnish server), grmonitor (reporting to gr_Monitor).

Major updates to plugins: null (adjustable delay parameter), maui (QoS monitoring, a timeout option), torque (better error handling, enforce thread-safety), ganglia (fix gmond.conf parser, make transmission less bursty, unicast support), mysql (now has per-Table statistics).... read more

Posted by Paul Millar 2008-04-28

Release of v0.9

Announcing v0.9, the latest release of MonAMI.

The highlights of this release are:

Two new monitoring plugins for cluster/batch systems: torque and maui.

Big improvement to Ganglia plugin: it now supports dynamic dmax values, a gmond.conf file parser and is careful not to overload gmond.

Other improvements include:
ksysguard (more conservative, only allowing local connections by default),
fluidsynth (handle disconnects better),
nut (better parsing of error msgs, handle disconnects better)
nagios (allow user to specify localhost's host name).

Posted by Paul Millar 2007-08-14

Torque plugin added

New MonAMI plugin has been added for querying a torque/pbs server. The plugin provides server, job and queue statistics.

Posted by Paul Millar 2007-06-06

Release of v0.8

This release is a bug-fix release. It fixes the database connection leak in the DPM plugin, parsing error with the GridFTP plugin and adds a option to truncate strings in the R-GMA plugin.

Posted by Paul Millar 2007-05-26

Release of v0.7

This release has support for event-based monitoring; major improvements to Apache, Nagios, NUT and R-GMA plugins; new plugins fluidsynth and GridFTP and much better documentation. Enjoy!

Posted by Paul Millar 2007-05-20

Release of v0.6

This release marks the change to an asynchronous, multi-threaded core; the new core allows for "on-demand" monitoring and for "named samples". It also paves the way for future support of event-based monitoring.

The new ksysguard reporting plugin is the first to support on-demand monitoring. Using the KSysguard GUI (a standard part of the KDE suite of software), it is possible to connect to a MonAMI daemon. Once connected, one can drag-and-drop sensors from the list to create monitoring dynamically. When finished, ksysguard will disconnect from MonAMI and the corresponding monitoring will stop.... read more

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-10-24

DPM plugin added

DPM (disk pool manager) is software that implements the SRM interface. However, it does not support tape storage, only disk. Because of this, it maintains a high level of easy for installation making it a popular option for those wanting to make their storage available via SRM.

An initial version of a DPM plugin has been added. This version queries the database back-end to establish statistics.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-08-15

Release of v0.5

New general features in this release: data now stored in a tree structure, support for multiple configuration files, support for dropping root privileges (on by default in RPM package).

New plugins: R-GMA reporting, tcp monitoring (count matching connections), process monitoring (count daemons, monitor detailed info about a process).

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-07-26

Release of v0.4

With version 0.4, two new plugins have been added: AMGA and MonaLisa. AMGA is the ARDA/EGEE/gLite metadata server. MonaLisa is a large-scale monitoring infrastructure used in global Grid applications such as CMS and VRVS. More details are available in the file README.users.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-03-16

MonaLisa support added

Support has been added for the MonaLisa monitoring infrastructure. Data can be sent to one (or more) MonaLisa-Services within one (or more) clusters. The data then becomes available under the standard tools.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-03-16

AMGA support added

Support for monitoring the ARDA/EGEE/gLite metadata server added.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-03-10

Release of v0.3

Version 0.3 of MonAMI has been released.

What's new:
Fix major bug with MonAMI running as a daemon (Ganglia data wasn't being reported),
added NUT monitoring plugin (for monitoring UPS),
added Snapshot reporting plugin (most recent data),
added support for Ganglia multicasting to specific interface,
... and a bunch of code tidying up and minor bug-fixes.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-03-03

NUT support added

Support for Network UPS Tools (NUT) has been added. This allows monitoring of a UPS via NUT and MonAMI to any MonAMI target destination. The supply voltage characteristics, % load and ambient temperature (as examples) can be monitored.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-03-02

Release of v0.2

Announcing the release of version 0.2 of MonAMI

Features of this release:
Nagios reporting target added
Initial support for servlet monitoring on tomcat added via JMX-proxy
Build now using autoconf
RPM packaging added
Support for init script added

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-02-14

Nagios monitoring added

Support for reporting service status to Nagios has been added. Any monitored quantity can be sent as an arbitrary service, which Nagios will receive as in either OK, Warning or Critical states. The communication is through the NSCA passive monitoring plugin for Nagios. See README.users for details on how to configure MonAMI and hints on corresponding configuration for Nagios.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-01-31

tomcat/JMX monitoring added.

A monitoring target for tomcat has been added. This uses tomcat's interface to JMX (Java Management eXtensions), which is present in tomcat v5.0 and newer. Other java application containers (such as JBoss and WebSphere) also support JMX, but they have not be tested.

Currently supported are monitoring ThreadPools and Connectors, but additional monitoring should be easy to add. JMX also allows monitoring of deployed servlets / JSPs that have suitable JMX MBeans. Adding support so MonAMI monitors these applications should be straightforward.

Posted by Paul Millar 2006-01-09

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