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Molybdenum 0.7.1 released

Molybdenum 0.7.1 has been released and includes the following new features:
* Compatible with Firefox 3.1 beta
* Ajax Recording using new command waitForAjax
* Testing XML documents using XPath (like XML Schema or WSDL) * Accessing local files (e.g. PDF downloads) using new command storeResourePath
* Calling 3rd party helper applications
* Improved Logging
* and more...

Please see for more details

Posted by Jens 2009-04-03

molybdenum-0.7.0beta2 released

molybdenum-0.7.0beta2 released
Many bugfixes
Open Issues for 0.7.0:

Posted by Claas Thiele 2008-09-07

Molybdenum 0.7.0beta1 released

This is Bobs Release

0.7.0 is introducing bricks: Bricks are making test maintainance easier. Instead of duplicating command sequences, a brick can be used.
Bricks can be parameterized.

Posted by Claas Thiele 2008-09-01