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Dada Mail 3.0.0 RC 1 Released

Hello Everyone,

Table of Contents:

* Dada Mail 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released
* Pro Dada 3.0.0 RC 1
* The Dada Mail Manual
* Professional Installation Services - We're Installing 3.0
* Bluehost and Dada Mail - One Click Install
* Taking a break on July 7th, will return in September

:: Dada Mail 3.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

I'm happy to introduce the next version of Dada Mail: 3.0.0 RC 1. This release is the last step to the proper 3.0.0 release and if it proves stable, will become the 3.0.0 Release. I've got a lot of news to share about it, but first -... read more

Posted by Justin J 2008-06-18

Dada Mail 2.10.16 Released

Table of Contents:

.: Dada Mail 2.10.16 Released
.: Professional Installation/Upgrade Services
.: Pro Dada 2.10.16 Available
.: Dada Mail 2.11 Alpha 7 Available

I'm very happy to announce the immediate availability of Dada Mail, version 2.10.16. This version contains bug fixes found in version 2.10.15.

This release is purely a bug fix release, so no new features, just more rock-solid stability.

As always, Dada Mail is a free download at:... read more

Posted by Justin J 2007-09-26

DADA Magic Book Now Available

The latest version of the Dada Mail, Magic book covers version 2.10.7and includes an Advanced Manual/How To e-book. It is the perfect companion to Open Source List Manager DADA Mail.

Topics include:

1) Advanced Installation Techniques
2) Security and Coding
3) Detailed instructions on the use of DADA Mail and its optional Plug-in/Extensions (Included with package)

The following Plug-ins/Extensions are distributed with the "Magic" Book... read more

Posted by Gerard 2006-06-10

DADA 2.10.9 Alpha 2 Released

This is a BETA product. Only users who understand the potential consequences of using a BATA product should install this version.

Release Notes:

2.10.9 alpha2
New Features
* White List!
What is the White List?

* A white list is a list of email addresses that are *allowed* to
subscribe to your mailing list.
* It's sort of the opposite of the current, "black list" which hilds
a list of email addresses that are *not* allowed to subscribe to
your mailing list.
* Currently, the white list does *not* do patternmatching
meaning, if you add, "" to the white list, you won't
be able to allow everyone with an email address with,
"" to your mailing list.... read more

Posted by Gerard 2006-06-10

DADA 2.10.8 Released (4/18/06)

Dada Mail is an intuitive, web-based e-mail list management system, which runs on any hosting account that can execute custom CGI scripts. Dada Mail is also a conceptual art project

This version of Dada Mail includes many new features, including a screen caching scheme, to allow often-used and resouce-intensive HTML web screens to be cached to be shown again, instead of relying on redundant processing of the same information. This version also includes optimizations to Dada Mail's SQL backend, including a unified SQL handle where one SQL connection is used at a time, instead of many. It is suggested that anybody using Dada Mail on a busy website, or a website with limited resources upgrade to this release.... read more

Posted by Gerard 2006-06-10

Dada Mail Discussion Board

Have a question about DADA Mail? Need help with the installation? Perhaps you just have a question about one of its features. Whatever the case may be, the Dada Mail Discussion Board is the place to post your questions and or comments. Registration is free.

Posted by Gerard 2005-02-26

Dada Mail Security Advisory for Version 2.8.10 and Below

There are two security issues concerning all versions of Dada Mail 2.8.10 and below. Please read the security advisory:

If you are runnning a version below 2.8.10

Posted by Justin J 2003-12-17

New name, Dada Mail for old program, Project turned into Art

Justin Simoni Announces New Name For Mailing List Manager, Turns
Programming Project into Art

Denver, CO - 12/01/03 - Justin Simoni announced today the immediate
release of Dada Mail, (formerly Mojo Mail). Justin states, "I have had
to change the name of my celebrated program due to legal issues with
Mediaplex Inc. which holds the trademark for MOJO Mail."

He continues, "Not that I'm real happy about the name change at all.
This particular program came out initially in December of 1999, with its
first stable release in January of 2000. I'm having a really hard time
understanding why it took Mediaplex Inc. more than three years to get in
contact with me."... read more

Posted by Justin J 2003-12-01

Help Wanted - Better Windows Support

Mojo Mail can work on a Windows server, with the correct tweaks, but this isn't tested as much as I'd like. Are there any interested souls out there who would like to create a Windows-specific version of Mojo Mail? It may be as easy as creating changes like these:

zippin' the files back up and throwing them on a server. Any takers? ... read more

Posted by Justin J 2002-12-02

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