#658 Subscriber list has artificial newline in it

Justin J
general (80)

Select "Manage Subscribers" and "View" and then "Send List to List Owner" the email arrives but with a newline in the middle of a subscribers address. In my data this happens in the middle of what would otherwise be a long string like user1@example.com<sp>user2@example.com<sp>... but instead there is a "\n" in an inappropriate place. This happens once in the list of subscribers, and in the most recent case, it happens at character position 991. It also seems to have something to do with the subscriber's email address having a dot (0x2e) in the name, such as j.smith@example.com. Specifically in my case, the artificial break occurs like (example domain used here):


The last name of the subscriber "brewer" got a newline inserted in it.

I have seen this bug when there were a different number and order of subscriber names; in this case, the newline was inserted into a different subscriber's email name, which was also one with a 0x2e in the name part (v.fortier was the user name but I do not have the exact insertion point of the \n from that occurance)

The mailing takes place properly, and there is no indication that there is an error, either apparent or reported. Dada mail is 3.0.5 Stable, perl 5 linux apache. Currently 372 subscribers, entire mailing list contains 5087 characters according to wc(1).


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