#642 Plugin_URL needs to be used in both forms, not just one.

Bill Powell

Dada version 3.0.1

Hi! The Beatitude plugin is awesome, but I'm using Dada on a shared SSL certificate, so I need to set Plugin_URL manually so Dada can find the plugin at the (long and obscure) SSL URL. When I set the Plugin_URL, I get as far as Scheduled Mailings -> Add Scheduled Mailing. But when I try to "Save Schedule," I get another URL error.

I dug in the code a bit, and I _think_ the problem is in the call to start_form(). There's one call to start_form that includes the Plugin_URL:
my $r = ( $q->start_form(-action => $Plugin_Config->{Plugin_URL}) .

But there's another call to start_form() which doesn't:
$f .= $q->start_form();

I think this second call makes a form URL which begins with "/cgi-bin/dada/" etc., rather than the full Plugin_URL. Which breaks on my SSL URL.
Anyhow, when I change this second line to:

$f .= $q->start_form(-action => $Plugin_Config->{Plugin_URL});

everything seems to work. But I will be glad to hear if this is the correct fix.

Thanks again for a great program!

Bill Powell


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Bill, thank you so much for this bug report. I'm sorry I didn't get to look at it earlier. Your report is correct, and I've applied the fix you've presented.

    Thanks again for the report. Feedback like this really makes a huge difference in Dada Mail,


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