#614 3.0.0 - mistake in sub erase_score_card


Pro Dada version 3.0.3 Stable:

sub erase_score_card {
print "Removing the Bounce Score Card...\n\n";
my @delete_list;
if($list) {
@delete_list = qw($list);

This line should be:

@delete_list = $list;

Otherwise the literal string "$list" is put into the array instead of the listname itself.

Since "erase_score_card" can only be run from the command line $list will never be filled in I guess. But I added an option to specify the list name as well and as a result this problem showed up.


  • Justin J

    Justin J - 2009-05-10

    I think,

    @delete_list = ($list);

    That would force $list into a list context thingy.

    I'll apply the fix ;)

  • Justin J

    Justin J - 2009-05-10
    • status: open --> pending
  • Justin J

    Justin J - 2009-05-10
    • summary: mistake in sub erase_score_card (Pro Dada version 3.0.3) --> 3.0.0 - mistake in sub erase_score_card
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