I will soon be helping to administer a moinmoin wiki that has several levels of access (one public, and then several levels of passworded access).  Being a novice, I decided to try setting up a moinmoin wiki on my mac laptop, one which eventually will probably remain as little more than a PIM, but may also serve as a staging area for wiki pages that I'll place on a , w(different) server for students in courses I teach.

I was going to go with a "desktop" wiki, which I was able to get setup using moinmoin 1.9.3 following the Quickstart instructions, but wasn't happy with that as it did not come with any built-in help pages or the like.  I'm sure there is a way to fix that, but I was/am in the the mode of looking for the easiest set of instructions to get going.  What I happened on next were the instructions at


which I am trying to adapt to my situation.  The sticking point for me, I think, seems to be how to set up things so that I can access my local wiki through a browser.  When I had the desktop wiki set up before, I accessed it via


The instructions above provide an example where one adds a moinmoin unix user/group (I did not, as I will be the only one accessing the wiki on my local machine, and I placed the wiki files in a directory within my home space), changing the port to 80 (I didn't do that either), giving a specific ip address for the interface (again, I did not), placing two lines in the wikis = [ ] area of farmconfig.py
    ("wiki1",  r"^wiki1.yourserver.org/.*$"),
    ("wiki1",  r"^wiki1/.*$"),
---what I wrote, instead, are these lines

    ("personal", r"^personal.localhost/.*$"),
    ("personal", r"^personal/.*$"),

---and then adding lines
wiki.yourserver.org.             86400   IN      A
wiki1                            86400   IN      CNAME   wiki   
to /etc/hosts---I, instead, added

    wiki.localhost.             86400   IN      A
    personal                    86400   IN      CNAME   wiki

Obviously, I do not know quite what I am doing, and it is not surprising that, after running the moin.py script, I cannot come up with url that allows my browser to access this personal wiki.  Can anyone get me through this?

Also, I expected to be able to search the moin-user archives using a keyword.  Is that possible?  The archive, which I am getting to via http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_name=moin-user, has a rather awkward setup in my browser: You have to scroll past the years/months to get to a list of topics, and all that is repeated if you click on a topic.


Thomas L. Scofield
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Calvin College