#7 Compatibility to TouchGraph WikiBrowser


Dear Jürgen Hermann

We are using your MoinMoin wiki-application for our
university research purposes.

MoinMoin is one of the best sophisticated wiki-
application we have seen and using. Our work goes
much better than usual collaborative work methods like
weekly group disscusion and email discussions.

But we found a navigating problem: It's difficult to have
an overview over related pages two steps ahead. But
we found a very useful tool called TouchGraph
WikiBrowser (see on www.touchgraph.com for a very
interesting demo!) that surely will met our demands for
an node overview navigating tool. It's simply brilliant!

But unfortunately we couldn't combine MoinMoin and
TG WikiBrowser, because there is no link database in
txt-file format available. If you download the fully
working java zip-file TG WikiBrowser, you will see in
the zip-archive a file named meatball.txt which contain a
link database. It would be nice to have a moinmoin.txt
link file automatically created to be used for the TG

Best regards
V. Senn
Berne, Switzerland


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I forgot to mention that the TouchGraph WikiBrowser is also
    a sourceforge opensource project. You will find more
    informations and links to sourceforge over the homepage

    V. Senn, Berne, Switzerland

  • Jürgen Hermann

    Jürgen Hermann - 2002-05-22

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    Release 1.0 does support this, see the release notes:

    * "action=link" works like MeatBall:LinkDatabase

    If you need more details, please use the User mailing list.

  • Jürgen Hermann

    Jürgen Hermann - 2002-05-22
    • status: open --> closed
  • Jürgen Hermann

    Jürgen Hermann - 2002-05-22

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    Err, typo, it's



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