Problem with MOHA Database configuration

  • mohanjith

    mohanjith - 2007-02-09

    Makinde Olojede wrote to Mohanjith:

    I have beedn trying to install Moha chat on my Linux box (Fedora Core 5) but I am having some issues.

    On the web based installation screen I could not get through the Database Setup anytime I put all the parameters Like the Database name, Database user info and other parameters.  Besides the Table prefix where there is "mh_ch_" I normally get this error message "No privilege to create table". I have granted all privileges on mysql to the user "mohachat" still I get this error message and I cannot proceed. Please what can I do?

    • mohanjith

      mohanjith - 2007-02-09

      I need to check why this bogus warning is given, but the surefire work
      around is install
      MOHA Chat manually(check the installation guide).

      If I'm able to reproduce this error i'll fix it in the next release
      due in few days from now, and i'll keep you posted.

    • mohanjith

      mohanjith - 2007-02-10

      If your privileged user doesn't have a password you will get this error. This acts as a security precaution, because if you leave the privileged user password blank any one can take control of the database, and its data.

      Further you don't need and it is not advisable to grant all privileges to MySQL user 'mohachat'. Installer will create  the database, tables and the user 'mohachat' if you provide the privileged username and password.

    • mohanjith

      mohanjith - 2007-02-12

      Makinde Olojede wrote to Mohanjith:

      On Mysql DB I used a user "root" setting up the DB and I set as password for it, still I get the same error.  Hope to hear your comment soon.

    • mohanjith

      mohanjith - 2007-02-13

      There was a bug in MOHA Chat installer, that's why you were getting this error. Why was not able to reproduce the bug for this long was because of the way i usually configure my databases. I usually grant access from any host to the database server. However in the SQL query builder part to fetch privileges had a small problem that created a wrong query. I'll release the fix with the next release.

      • evolive

        evolive - 2008-01-13

        in the database configuration page

        the table prefix section says it has no privilege to create tables... and among some other things... (these "error" messsage are created when i click the test button) so not too sure what's going on here...



        • mohanjith

          mohanjith - 2008-01-15

          The reason for the error messages are that the Privileged User details are wrong. Did you create a user called moha, which has rights to create a databases and users. Alternatively you can check Privileged user [*] Don't have, and uncheck [ ] Create. Then you can manually create the database and the database user and run the installer.


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