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Continue Development 4Q 2006

I have decided to continue work on the MogoBot, in November. I am going to be making a new Mogobot (using the PCB rev 1.2), and using different motors. (Still steppers though). I hope to release fw 1.4 around Xmas of 2006. Only a year behind, but definately no Duke Nukem 4Ever. :-)
I am also thinking of making the firmware more flexable to be used with future projects.


Posted by Shawn 2006-09-12

Looking for New Project Administrator

After moving across Canada acouple of times in just 2 months has worn me out, and i no longer have access to the equipment I require to further develop the MogoBot. So I have moved on to other projects in the mean time, and if anyone is interested in continuing development of this project send an email. V1.5 of the firmware supports multiple subroutines, and dynamic storage of logo commands and subroutines. ... read more

Posted by Shawn 2006-05-07

V1.4.0 - Release Date Jan 20/06

I have been busy working on the new firmware over the holidays, and the new version is a major step forware from previous version. New features include:
+ SET command (change variables at runtime)
+ encoder multiple commands in one pass
+ multiple passed arguments
+ started a code audit to try and increase speed, reduce bugs, and increase readability.
+ some modules are no longer ram location dependant, and are now re-entrant to allow a smaller ram footprint.

Posted by Shawn 2006-01-07

MogoBot Firmware V1.3.2

Fixes a command prompt problem if you assemble the firmware with ZDS 4.9.6 (or newer).

Posted by Shawn 2005-12-13

Firmware V1.3.1

Fixes an indefinate loop problem with argument value of zero.

Posted by Shawn 2005-12-10

MogoBot PCB!!

The official MogoBot PCB has be released. You can download the gerber files and create your own MogoBot PCB. The board is designed using 15mil track width, and 15mil spaces so any prototype shop could make it. This PCB represents the final circuit layout for the MogoBot (sch Rev 1.2)and will be basis for the further firmware development.

Posted by Shawn 2005-12-08

MogoBot Firmware V1.3.0

Major release of the firmware. This new version contains the mogo_mtr2 module which has eliminated heading errors. The robot (With some tuning) now turns with 1 deg accuracy.

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-29

FlowChart V1.2.x Fixed

The flowchart PDF file has been re-released. This pdf doesnt contain en error.

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-23

MogoBot Firmware V1.2.0

MAJOR UPGRADE FOR FIRMWARE. This version supports full functioning PEN Controls, and all supported commands work properly (ie. List, and Run) Works only with REV 1.2 HARDWARE.
With this firmware, and Rev 1.2 hardware, you can now build your own operating Logo Turtle!

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-18

MogoBot Schematic Rev 1.2!

+ Added RS232 to DEBUG (Flash ROM using RS232)
+ Added EEPROM socket for user programs
+ Updated stepper motor sockets to reflect Mitsumi motors

+ This revision of the MogoBot schematic will be considered to be the finial revision for MogoBot. A PCB is currently being derived from this revision, and all future firmware will be written for this circuit board.

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-15

New Releases

MogoBot-Sch-Rev 1.1 is now available
MogoBot-FW-V1.1.0 is now available

Firmware V1.1.0 adds the decoder functionality so the logo commands are displayed as they are executed. A list command has also been added. Basic pen support has been added but remains un tested

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-10

MogoBot Firmware V1.0.0

Firmware for the Prototype Rev1.0 has been uploaded to Sourceforge! See the README.TXT for details on supported features.

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-04

MogoBot Schematics Rev 1.0

Complete schematics of the current prototype are available for download. These are PROTOTYPE schematics, and are still subject to changes and revisions.

Posted by Shawn 2005-11-02

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