Supporting the project with a new minidlna

  • Roberto Polli

    Roberto Polli - 2011-09-25

    Hi all,

    before all thx for your job!

    Hw: DGN2200 with original firmware

    The minidlna I downloaded from here hangs the router during the scanning
    process. The load average goes up until the hw hangs and reboots by itself.

    I'd like to patch minidlna to perform a bit better - eventually creating some
    parameters to disable the guilty functionalities.

    I just setup my toolchain and now I'm trying to build minidlna (trunk).

    Which minidlna release did you build? With which toolchain? Can I have some
    more info about the minidlna release?

    Thx again for your time +

  • Gnommo Modfs

    Gnommo Modfs - 2011-09-26

    you can find all the source on svn.
    Here the source tar of the patched minidlna:

    you can find there also the others needed libraries.
    The toolchain is the one that you can find on netgear ftp, I think:

    We know that minidlna files scanning is very cpu and memory intensive, on my
    dgn3500 anyway it lasts much time but does not cause the router crash, so I
    think it's the little ram and file swap that causes router reboot on dgn2200


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