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mod-1.0.37 released

NOTE: please don't use the 1.0.x releases unless you need them for backwards compatibility. The development 1.1.x releases are quite stable, as long as you don't use the new (beta) dynamic index feature. All new MOD users should use the development releases. Thanks.

I've started a new CVS branch for 1.0.x. The mod2html script is actually the same as 1.0.36, but the accompanying documentation is now more consistent with that release.

Posted by Scott A. Woods 2002-10-15

mod-1.1.1 released

This new development release fixes quite a few things from the 1.1.0 release, which added support for dynamic navigation trees. Here is a list of the major changes:

* an script has been added that installs the /usr/local/lib/mod/ directory, in addition to the mod2html script and man page. Locations of common elements can be modified in the install script and it will do the right thing.... read more

Posted by Scott A. Woods 2002-10-13

mod-1.0.36 released

This release is being renumbered to represent the stable branch of MOD that was actually released about a year ago. It only has static indexes, and requires considerably more effort to configure, so it's not recommended for general use. If this is your first time using MOD, you'll be better off downloading the latest development release and only using static indexes (the default).

Nonetheless, some people are still using this version since it's extremely stable. If you do download this version, you must use the documentation that comes with the tarball, since the documentation on the MOD homepage reflects the newer development versions, which differ in several ways.

Posted by Scott A. Woods 2002-10-13

MOD has moved to SourceForge

MOD has now officially been released under the GPL. The official site for the project has been moved to SourceForge to increase its exposure, allow for more collaborative tools, and to make its structure and development methods more consistent with other free software projects.

Posted by Scott A. Woods 2002-10-13

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