• pointmandak

    pointmandak - 2008-11-12


    i think you've done a great job. I have the problem, that i've to build something similar to communicate with a FieldbusSystem via Modbus/TCP.
    To understand, what your package does exactly i need to know, what the SenderConnection class is and does.
    Unfortunately, this package is not in the modbus4j.jar. I wonder, how it works anyway?

    with kind regards


  • Matthew Lohbihler

    Here is the code:




         * Connection class for applications that sends messages (client or master). Implements the send method for sending
         * messages to some listener. See ListenerConnection for server or slave applications.
         * @author mlohbihler
        public class SenderConnection extends MessagingConnection {
        private static int DEFAULT_RETRIES = 2;
        private static int DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 500;
        private final Boolean LOCK = new Boolean(false);
        private byte tempData;
        private MessageResponse response = null;
        private ResponseParseException exception = null;
        private int retries = DEFAULT_RETRIES;
        private int timeout = DEFAULT_TIMEOUT;

        public int getRetries() {
            return retries;

        public void setRetries(int retries) {
            this.retries = retries;

        public int getTimeout() {
            return timeout;

        public void setTimeout(int timeout) {
            this.timeout = timeout;

         * Attempt to send the given request. If the request fails, retry the request
         * the given number of times. If the request still fails after all retries are exhauted,
         * return null.
         * @param request the request to send
         * @param retries the number of retry attempts in case of failure
         * @return the response or null if a response was never received
         * @throws IOException if there is a stream communication exception
         * @throws MessageMismatchException
        public MessageResponse send(MessageRequest request, int retries, int timeout) throws MessageSendException {
            synchronized (LOCK) {
                response = null;
                exception = null;
                do {
                    if (DEBUG)
                        System.out.println("MessagingConnection.write: "+ StreamUtils.dumpMessage(request.getMessageData()));
                    try {
                    catch (IOException e) {
                        throw new MessageSendException(e);
                    synchronized (this) {
                        try {
                        catch (InterruptedException e) { /* no op */ }
                    // Check if there is an exception
                    if (exception != null)
                        throw exception;
                    // Make sure the response matches the request.
                    if (response != null)
                while (response == null && retries- > 0);
                if (response == null)
                    throw new SendTimeoutException();
                return response;
        public MessageResponse send(MessageRequest request) throws MessageSendException {
            return send(request, retries, timeout);
        public void data() {
            // Make a copy of the data in case the entire message is not in yet.
            tempData = dataBuffer.peekAll();
            // Attempt to parse the message.
            try {
                response = messageParser.parseResponse(dataBuffer);
                if (response == null) {
                    // We assume that the message is incomplete, and go back to wait for
                    // more data to show.
                else  {
                    // Notify the current thread.
                    synchronized (this) {
            catch (Exception e) {
                exception = new ResponseParseException(e);


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