tim wang - 2009-10-19

My linux version is CentOS 5.3.My subversion is
"subversion-1.6.5-0.1.el5.rf".Bugzilla is "3.4.2".And mod_auth_mysql version
is "mod_auth_mysql-3.0.0-3.2.el5_3".

  I want to use bugzilla's users to login in subversion.So I use mysql's
database to authenticate subversion.Frist I create a test database and a
table,and insert a username and password which password type is
"encrypt".And it is OK to login in svn by mysql database.

  But when I use bugzilla database's user table "profiles",I can't login
in.I find that the password type of tables "profiles" is SHA-256.The module
"mod_auth_mysql" is not support the password type "SHA-256".
Could you help me?Thanks.