Sri - 2008-05-20

I am working on SSO interface between two sites.

First site ( is using Mod_Auth_Mysql for authentication and second site ( is using normal java login/session management for authentication. When a user logs and authenticated into, he should be directly able to access without giving any login credentials. And when he logs into, the authentication should work as is (Mod_Auth_Mysql). When a user navigates from to, I can validate the user based on credentials, and allow him.

But still Mod_Auth_Mysql is poping up the Username, Password popup box. Please let me know if there is any way to disable/bypass the Mod_Auth_Mysql for these type of users? I am not allowed to reengineer the old application to work on normal session mangement. But it should use old Mod_Auth_Mysql only. I appreciate your inputs.

If possible, please let me know, where the Mod_Auth_Mysql module sets the user credentials in the browser and how it works? I googled many times (3 days). But not able to find the solution. Sorry for long message.