Trouble with mod_auth_mysql and .htpasswd

  • Geordy

    Geordy - 2008-03-19

    Hey folks.  I'm trying to migrate a website to mysql authentication.  Right now it uses .htpasswd and I need it to use both at once.  I've tried several different settings in my .htaccess file but nothing seems to work right.  I can get one or the other to work but not both at once.  Also, mod_auth_mysql doesn't seem to work at ALL outside of <IfModule> brackets which seems to somehow relate to the problem.  Here is my current .htaccess file:

    AuthUserFile /usr/safe/.htpasswd
    AuthName MEMBERS
    AuthType Basic
    require valid-user

    <IfModule auth_mysql_module>
    AuthMySQLEnable On
    AuthMySQLAuthorative Off
    AuthMySQLHost localhost
    AuthMySQLDB *****
    AuthMySQLUser *****
    AuthMySQLPassword *********
    AuthMySQLUserTable members
    AuthMySQLNameField username
    AuthMySQLPasswordField password
    AuthMySQLPwEncryption none
    AuthMySQLUserCondition "status=1 AND siteid=3"

    This doesn't work at all.  If I hash out the mysql section though.  And we had the mysql ONLY working too at some point although I don't remember how.  If I have any of those AuthMySQLXXXX statements in the .htaccess file outside of the <IfModule>, it breaks the whole bloody thing and gives me a 500 error.

    • Geordy

      Geordy - 2008-03-19

      Never mind.  I found the problem.  Notice Authorative instead of Authoritative.  ughhhh


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