Hi !

Maybe this question is stupid…  I don't understand the difference between the two module
It looks the same but there are different

On a server i'm using the auth_mysql_module (default apt-get in debian lenny)
I would like to update and compile this one mysql_auth_module and surprise, the command in .htaccess are not the same :(

i'm talking about :

AuthMySQLEnable On
AuthMySQLHost localhost
AuthMySQLPort <default port in MySQL>
AuthMySQLSocket <default socket in MySQL>
AuthMySQLUser <no default - NULL>
AuthMySQLPassword <no default - NULL>
AuthMySQLDB test
AuthMySQLUserTable user_info
AuthMySQLUserCondition <no default>
AuthMySQLNameField user_name
AuthMySQLPasswordField user_passwd
AuthMySQLNoPasswd Off
AuthMySQLPwEncryption crypt
AuthMySQLSaltField <>
AuthMySQLGroupTable <defaults to value of AuthMySQLUserTable>
AuthMySQLGroupCondition <no default>
AuthMySQLGroupField <no default>
AuthMySQLKeepAlive Off
AuthMySQLAuthoritative On
AuthMySQLCharacterSet <no default>

So my question is why and how can i migrate a production server (hosting) for the old module to the new..

Thanks for your help