FYI, I encountered a lot of problems when using mod_security as a static module of both apache 1.3.x and httpd 2.x. Most of the problems are with the mod_ssl module (also compiled statically). mod_ssl complained that it could not open its SSLMutext, and when I set SSLMutext to none, it continued complained that it could not write to the scache directory, which I have created both in the chroot jail and the original path. I also chowned these directories to apache but still no luck. It seems that mod_security is not made to use as a static module/in a static  server (I meant a server that all modules are compiled statically), rite?


On 5/13/05, Thai Duong <> wrote:
Hi David,

I have created that directory with a correct permission but it doest work. Anyway, I found a solution, just set SSLMutex directive to none, it works like a charm.


On 5/12/05, David Fletcher < > wrote:

I could be on the wrong track, but I think I was getting this error until I
created the directory


where the chroot is to /chroot/apache

If I remember correctly, Apache wants to write there after the chroot has taken
place, by which time it cannot open new files in the log directory in the main
file system. Ensure Apache has write permissions even if the directory
already exists.

It's a while since I had the problem so I could have this wrong, but it might


>Subject: [mod-security-users] mod_ssl: Child could not open SSLMutex lockfile
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>Hi guys,
>When I chroot my Apache 1.3.x with mod_security, it kept reporting that=20
>error. I have searched through this list and found that this error had been=
>reported one but still there is no solution rite?=20


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