I already have a firewall, I use apf firewall, it has a simple command to add ip to the list, someting like /usr/bin/apf -d
where is IP address that will be added.

I just need to know how to execute external command from mod_security and pass the ip address to that command

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Use the blacklist client from Ivanís security tools archive - http://www.apachesecurity.net/tools/index.html

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This is what I need to do: if mod_security rule is a match, then I want to add the ip address where the request came from to the firewall's block list
The idea is that if someone attempts to post spam to my form, a security rule will catch that using the list of pre-defined spam words and then I want
to add that IP address to firewall so that it will be clocked from accessing my server ever again.

Basically I just need to execute an external command from mod_security when the match occurs and pass IP address to it.

Does anyone know how to do that?