The OWASP CRS has a rules file for av scanning -

For the @inspectFile operator you pass it a script or program that runs a local AV program.  See example scripts here -

Ryan Barnett
Lead Security Researcher
Trustwave - SpiderLabs

On Feb 21, 2013, at 3:28 PM, "Rosamond, Rob" <> wrote:

I'm working on configuring mod_security on Apache and have it up and running just fine. The next step is to implement a ruleset in conjunction with a scanner which can intercept or quarantine bad files when POSTed. 

We're looking at using rules produced by Atomic ( is the specific ruleset) and they recommend using ClamAV, which there is an Apache module for ( but I can't seem to find one built for Windows, nor have I had any luck building it myself (I've tried using NMAKE.EXE, but there doesn't seem to be a compatible .mak file included with the mod_clamav package... I also do not really know what I'm doing when it comes to building an Apache module!). At the bottom of the mod_clamav page they mention users reporting difficulty performing Windows Updates with this module which might falsely lead you to believe somebody has it working in a Windows Apache environment, but researching further this is actually in reference to using Apache2 on Debian as a proxy for Windows machines ( 

I'm not married to ClamAV (ClamWin, really)... just looking for a way of integrating malware/virus scanning with mod_security. 

Am I going about this in the wrong direction, has anybody done this before, or am I S.O.L. without using a Unix box for Apache? 

Thanks for any guidance you can provide! BTW, this is for a community college system and therefore non-commercial in nature. 

Current production systems: 
Apache/2.2.23 (Win32) 
mod_ssl/2.2.23 OpenSSL/0.9.8x 
PHP 5.2.17 
MySQL 5.6.10 (offloaded to dedicated db servers) 
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, SP2 

(We are concurrently working on our next-generation server configs with PHP 5.4.11 and Apache 2.4.3 on win32.)
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