I’m compiling modsec 2.6.5 against Apache 2.4.2, and during a “make CFLAGS=-DMSC_TEST test” I get the following:


msc_test-modsecurity.o: In function `modsecurity_init':

modsecurity.c:(.text+0x240): undefined reference to `ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms'

modsecurity.c:(.text+0x291): undefined reference to `ap_unixd_set_global_mutex_perms'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

make[2]: *** [msc_test] Error 1

make[2]: Leaving directory `/opt/modsecurity-apache_2.6.5/tests'

make[1]: *** [check-am] Error 2

make[1]: Leaving directory `/opt/modsecurity-apache_2.6.5/tests'

make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1


I’m having trouble finding a work-around or solution for this. Can anyone point me in the right direction?