I am seeing various segfaults in my syslog from nginx caused by libapr(Its the binary debian package):
 nginx[4855]: segfault at b598d34c ip b7769e02 sp bfbb7780 error 4 in libapr-1.so.0.4.6[b7744000+30000]
Maybe i should have compiled that from source among nginx, modsecurity and other dependencies(,libpcre,libapr1-dev,libxml2-dev,?)
Anyway in case Ryan or someone else couldn't read my previous message due to formatting errors, all i get in my request is a 500  RESPONSE ERROR turning SecRequestBodyAccess off and SecResponseBodyAccess on error dissapears so i am assuming its a REQUEST_BODY (phase 2) related error. Overriding base 900012 id rule doesn't resolve the issue.